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Address: Vienibas gatve 101, Riga, LV-1058, Latvia
Account No.LV03HABA0001408033352

The company “MB BUS” was founded in 1995 and now is one of considerable spare parts importer on the Latvian market. “MB BUS” has stable business relationships with many spare parts manufacturers in Western Europe.

In the year 1999 our company founded a new main office in Vienibas gatve str. 101, Riga in a comfortable three-storied building with a large warehouse and suitable parking place. During we have working on this project, we tried to meet our potential and regular customer requests. Step by step we are establishing strength and effective service to replacement parts for our retail and wholesale customers. Our company opened 2 auto parts stores, modern service station, we are also developing e-commerce through the world wide web.

So, it will be very useful for us to examine your opinion about our successfulness in our goal achievement. Thus, we will be very grateful if you leave your comments and wishes in our Forum.

Company’s main task is to satisfy needs of our wholesale and retail clients. We provide products, brands and services of great value to our customers.
Full information about offered goods and brands is available in the section Range.

Vienības gatve 101
Rīga, LV-1058, Latvia
t. 371 67805006.
Head office. Here is situated the main warehouse with the variety of spare parts.
Also since 2005 here works our service station.

Our company has established good long-term business relationships with some companies in other regions of Latvia. Therefore we aim to provide considerable number of customers overall in Latvia with the wide range spare parts.

We also have future target – it is concentrated on strength market position to bring greater opportunities for our present and potential suppliers, customers and employees.

Sincerely yours,
MB BUS team

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